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Why Your Feet Smell So Bad — And What to Do About It

Smelly feet? Don't sweat it. Understand why your feet smell and what you can do to stop sweat and odor....

Hand Washing Vs. Hand Sanitizer

Infectious diseases are the third-leading cause of death in the United States, and many of the contagions responsible are passed f...

Towels & Acne

Eighty percent of teenagers get acne, and many adults struggle with pimples later in life. Acne is not caused by bad personal hygi...

Shoe Odor Home Remedies

Foot odor can come from several causes, including a fungal infection such as athlete's foot, or hyperhydrosis, a condition charact...

Fun Ways to Teach Children About Hand Washing

Washing hands is a basic hygiene skill for kids. The earlier a child learns to properly wash his hands, the greater defense he has...

Home Recipes for Products to Clean and Soak Dentures

Dentures are just like your natural teeth in that they get dirty with food particles and plaque, and can even become discolored fr...

How to Use Antiperspirants

Your glands produce the perspiration that eventually leads to moist underarms, and moist, dark conditions create the perfect envir...

How to Sanitize Tweezers

Tweezers are a handy tool for removing splinters, ticks and facial hair, but they can harbor germs and bacteria. It’s import...

How to Wear Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins, also called sanitary towels, sanitary pads or menstrual pads, come in different sizes and shapes. They are avail...

Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene

Personal cleanliness and good hygiene practices are essential for health and social reasons. In fact, people who are perceived as ...
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