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What Do the Karate Belt Colors Mean?

Awarding various colored belts to signify the achievement of new levels of expertise in karate (and other martial arts) is a relat...

The Belt Levels in Kenpo Karate

Kenpo is a Japanese term for “fist law”; karate means “empty hand.” Kenpo Karate was founded by Professor ...

How to Get a Yellow Belt in Karate

Earning a yellow belt in karate signifies that you are not a novice and that you have demonstrated basic knowledge in karate. The ...

The Highest Degree of Black Belt in Karate

A lot of people who aren't involved in the martial arts perceive the black belt as the highest achievement in fighting skill. ...

The Levels of Karate Black Belts

The Levels of Karate Belts. When a person begins practicing karate, he receives a bright white belt. Over the years, he moves from...

How to Earn a Karate Second-Degree Black Belt

Most people view a black belt as a symbol of proficiency in martial arts. Not as many people know, however, that many martial arts...

Top 10 Karate Uniforms

The traditional karate uniform is known as a gi or dogi. It is usually white, made of canvas and has no zippers, buttons or other ...

What Does a Karate Chop to the Side of the Neck Accomplish?

The karate chop is one of the more iconic motions in the art of karate, and many other Asian martial arts. The image of a karate m...

Karate Side Kick Training

The side kick is one of the strongest kicks in karate, according to the website of the Okinawan Karate-Do Institute. Due to its ef...

Karate Vs. Taekwondo for Kids

Karate Vs. Taekwondo for Kids. Martial arts classes teach children important lessons about self-defense, confidence, respect and d...
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