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Kids and Safety

Britax Marathon vs. Britax Boulevard

The Britax Marathon and the Britax Boulevard are both convertible child safety seats, meaning that they can be installed in either...

How Can I Find Out If I Have a Child Molester Living Near Me?

Being a parent can be an absolute joy, but it can also have its moments of stress and fear. News reports contain stories of childr...

Safety Issues in Children's Clothing

You can help keep your children safe by buying clothing that meets federal regulations, created by the U.S. Consumer Product Safet...

How to Sell Used Kids Toys

Unless you live in a mansion and have tons of space, chances are you won’t be able to keep every toy your child ever owned. ...

Child Safety Seat Laws and Taxis

Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death for young children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent...

How to Monitor Your Child's Cell Phone Use

In many families today, both parents and their children--sometimes even young children--have their own cell phone. Children are te...

Is Sorbitol Dangerous for Children?

Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol, slightly less sweet and less caloric than regular sugar. It occurs naturally in p...

Miami Summer Camps for Kids

In Miami, nestled along the Atlantic coast in Florida, parents can keep their kids happy and busy during the summer by signing the...

Painting Safety and Children

Whether it's the colors on his bedroom walls or the watercolor picture hanging on the fridge, painting allows a child to express h...

Children Lighting Fires: Parental Responsibilities

Between 2005 and 2009, approximately 56,300 fires year were set each year by children, according to the National Fire Protection A...
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