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Kids and Sleep

How to Break the Habit of Kids Sleeping in Their Parents' Bed

It's not uncommon for parents to get into the habit of bringing their young children into bed with them. It may start when a baby ...

When Is a Child Too Old to Sleep in His Parent's Bed?

Co-sleeping, also known as bed-sharing, is a controversial subject in the United States. Allowing a young baby to share the parent...

Restless Sleeping in Children

If your child complains he is still tired when you wake him up after a full night's sleep, or he appears sluggish all day, he ...

How Often Should I Check a Sleeping Child's Fever?

When your child is battling a fever-causing illness, you want him to get as much sleep as he needs. It can be difficult for a pare...

The Importance of Sleep Routines for Young Children

Lack of sleep isn't just a problem for busy adults. Kids of all ages are not getting an adequate amount of sleep, affecting bo...

Adverse Effects of Children Falling Asleep to Music

It may sound harmless -- letting your child drift off to dreamland on the wings of music -- but constantly relying on certain soun...

How to Help a 7-Year-Old Child Get to Sleep

If your 7-year-old is a night owl and stays up until 10 p.m. or later, you might mistakenly assume that she needs a later bedtime ...

Problems Caused by a Child Sleeping in His Parent's Bed

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, many parents end up sharing a bed with their children. Working parents might establish a...

What is the Best Way for a Child to Sleep When Coughing?

If your child has been lying awake at night with a hacking cough, you can help make his night more bearable. Most likely, your chi...

How to Help a 9-Year-Old Child Sleep

When a 9-year old is having trouble falling asleep at night, there can be many factors involved. School stress, social pressures, ...
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