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Knee Replacement

Problems Following a Total Knee Replacement

Nearly 600,000 knee replacements are performed each year in the U.S. on patients whose knees have been severely damaged by arthrit...

How to Increase Flexion After Total Knee Replacement

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), over 580,000 total knee replacement surgeries occur every year i...

Complications After Partial Knee Replacement

Partial or unicompartmental knee replacement is a surgical procedure used to increase knee function and alleviate chronic knee pai...

Total Knee Replacement & Effect on Muscle Strength

The knee is the largest joint in the body. It is subject to wear and tear as the result of physical activity, obesity and certain ...

Rehabilitation From Tibial Plateau Knee Surgery

The tibial plateau is located on the upper surface of your tibia just below your kneecap. This region of your tibia is prone to fr...

What Are the Symptoms of a Failing Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery can be a life-enhancing procedure for those who suffer from chronic, disabling end-stage arthritis. Quali...

Knee Replacement Infection Symptoms

Knee replacement surgery involves replacing a damaged knee joint with an artificial joint. As with any surgery, knee replacement p...

Complications With Lateral Release Knee Surgery

The patella, or knee cap, is designed to track in a special groove of the knee called the femoral notch, or trochlea. As the knee ...

What Are the Causes of Stiffness After Total Knee Replacement?

Stiffness is one complication that can happen after a total knee replacement, or TKR. In fact, it occurs in roughly 6 percent of c...

Recovery Time & Pain After a Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement involves replacing part of your knee with an artificial implant when the joint has been severely damaged ...
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