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Leg Pain

Causes of Legs Aching & Pain

In addition to injuries, many medical conditions can trigger leg pain and aching. Chronic arthritic conditions, infections and blo...

Leg Aches & Pain

Many different conditions and ailments can contribute to leg aches and pain. Leg pain may affect a small, specific area or may rad...

Causes of Right Calf Swelling

Causes of Right Calf Swelling. Calf swelling occurs for a variety of reasons. When it develops in only one leg, the cause is likel...

Causes of Heel & Leg Pain

Leg and heel pain can hinder a person's mobility and cause a lot of pain. There can many reasons for pain in the leg and the h...

What Are the Causes of Leg Pain & Waist Pain?

Numerous conditions can cause waist and leg pain. According to the MedlinePlus website, leg pain can be caused by structures withi...

Calf & Hamstring Pain

Pain in your calf and hamstring may result from a direct injury, such as landing on your knee, or from repetitive movements, like ...

Tingling in Legs Without Pain

Leg tingling a common symptom that occurs as a result of nerve compromise. Although pain may accompany tingling, it does not alway...

Buttocks & Leg Pain

Buttock and leg pain may occur as the result of strenuous activity, injury or nerve pain. Pain in the legs and buttocks most often...

Leg, Ball & Socket Pain

Your legs and the connecting ball and socket joints rely on one another to perform singular tasks. Often when one hurts, it affect...

Leg Veins and Pain After Exercise

It’s not uncommon to experience fatigue or soreness in your legs and muscles after vigorous exercise. However, if you find y...
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