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Pregnancy Complications

Decongestants That Are Safe for Use During Pregnancy

It is best to avoid over-the-counter medications during pregnancy. The list of what is considered safe constantly changes, making ...

Wow! Janet Jackson Is 50 and Pregnant

Rumors have been swirling that Janet Jackson may be pregnant. And finally, Jackson has finally broken her silence — It’s offic...

New Male Birth Control Is as Effective but Has Same Bad Side Effects

Now that a successful male contraceptive has been developed, those same negative side effects women experience are proving too muc...

Medicines to Use for Nausea During Pregnancy

Nausea is common in the first trimester of pregnancy. Physicians recommend you first start with dietary and lifestyle changes to t...

Indigestion Symptoms During Pregnancy

It's normal for expectant mothers to feel thrilled to welcome a new member to the family, however their gastrointestinal system ma...

What Are the Danger Signs of Natural Gas?

Natural gas is used in many homes for heating and cooking. Unfortunately, natural gas leaks may occur without the homeowner even r...

Heartburn Medications That Are Safe for Pregnancy

Some women have never experienced heartburn until they became pregnant, and others have had it for years before becoming pregnant....

Causes of Hands Swelling During Pregnancy

A woman’s body produces additional amounts of blood and body fluids to meet the needs of a growing fetus, and swelling is us...

Common Aches & Pains at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy brings multiple changes to a woman’s life. Everything from her body to her finances and her relationships will ch...

Body Pain Symptoms During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it many joys, but it can also bring a variety of associated pains. Even a completely healthy pregnancy sends...
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