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Pregnancy and What to Expect

Pregnancy & Shortness of Breath

Pregnancy is a time of transformation. A body that used to be responsive and lithe suddenly seems capricious and noncompliant. You...

Breathing & Pregnancy

Breathing is one of those bodily functions we seldom think about until something changes its normal function. The hormonal changes...

What Are Some Ways to Stop Pregnancy?

The American Pregnancy Association states that approximately 3 million sexually active couples in the United States use no form of...

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnancy is almost half over by the time a woman reaches 19 weeks. This is also the middle of the second trimester, often called ...

Options for Pregnant Teens

Teen pregnancy is a concerning issue for all members of society. The Guttmacher Institute, a worldwide agency on sexual and reprod...

My Body Fat Percentage & Pregnancy

Many women worry about gaining weight during pregnancy, but it’s just as important to assess your body weight and fat levels...

A Watery Period While Pregnant

For women who spend years having a menstrual period, a pregnancy can be time off from those monthly cycles of bleeding. Occasional...

Signs & Symptoms of Being Overly Tired

An occasional sleepless night might leave you tired and unpleasant to be around, but repeated sleeplessness and chronic exhaustion...

Is a Backache an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

Whether a couple is trying to conceive or hoping to avoid pregnancy, the two-week wait between ovulation and a positive or negativ...

Causes of Bloating When You Are 4 Weeks Pregnant

Many women are surprised to learn that even very early in pregnancy, it’s possible to feel -- and look -- several months pre...
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