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Respiratory System

Factors That Affect Respiration Rate

Factors That Affect Respiration Rate. The brain is the primary controller of respiratory rate. It receives input from sensors that...

What Are the Structures of the Lungs?

Your lungs are a life-sustaining marvel, efficiently connecting the human body with the oxygen essential for functioning. Of all y...

The Effects of Reverse Breathing

Reverse breathing -- also called Taoist breathing -- reverses the natural in-out movement of the stomach found in natural breathin...

How Does the Cardiovascular System Work With the Respiratory System?

How Does the Cardiovascular System Work With the Respiratory System?. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are intimately re...

How Do the Digestive & Respiratory Systems Work Together?

Your digestive and respiratory systems, at first glance, seem very separate in their activities. In reality, however, the systems ...

Long-Term Effects of Exercise on the Respiratory System

Your respiratory system controls your breathing and begins when you draw in air through your nose or mouth. The air travels throug...

Is Orange Juice Good for a Sore Throat?

Orange juice is known for its vitamin C and healthy benefits, but not for a sore throat. Citrus juices may burn the tender membran...

Why Does the Body Need More Oxygen When We Exercise?

When you exercise, your respiratory rate increases. This is true regardless of whether you exercise by stationary methods such as ...

The Effects of Nutrition on the Respiratory System

With every breath you take, your respiratory system is exposed to potentially infectious microorganisms. If your body’s immu...

Vitamins That Help the Respiratory System

Vitamins play a vital role in sustaining a healthy respiratory system and reducing your risk of diseases, such as chronic obstruct...
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