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How to Toast Seaweed

Toasting nori seaweed makes it more flavorful as well as less brittle so you can more easily roll it into sushi rolls. Most Asian ...

What Are the Health Benefits of Kelp for High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol?

Kelp, known by the scientific name Fucus vesiculosus, is a type of brown seaweed that grows in colder ocean waters. Sometimes cal...

What Are the Benefits of Wakame Seaweed?

According to "The New York Times," Undaria pinnatifada or wakame seaweed can be one of the world’s most invasive a...

Benefits of Seaweed & Kelp

You may know that vegetables are good for you, but you may not know that sea vegetables should also be included in a healthy diet....

Is Dried Seaweed Good for You?

Dried seaweed, often sold as nori or kelp, is a common addition to Japanese dishes, including sushi. This food often imparts a bri...

Seaweed and Acne

The subject of diet and acne is one that is particularly controversial. For years, doctors have insisted that there is no proven l...

Hazards of Eating Nori Seaweed

A type of dried seaweed that is commonly used in Japanese and Korean cuisine, nori is typically available in thin sheets that are ...

Seaweed Allergy

Seaweed is used extensively as an ingredient in Asian cuisine and it requires a knowledge of certain products in order to avoid it...

What Are the Benefits of Seaweed for Skin?

To some people, seaweed is the disgusting clumps that wash up on beaches. But to others, it is a culinary delicacy that's a compon...
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