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Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Press Injuries

The shoulder press or military press is a basic, upper body exercise targeting all the major shoulder muscles. The exercise is com...

Boxing & Shoulder Injuries

The repetitive punches that a boxer throws during training sessions can lead to injuries of the shoulder involving muscles, ligame...

How Do You Wrap a Shoulder?

Also known as a shoulder spica, shoulder wraps prevent excessive motion and provide joint comfort to an unstable shoulder. Shoulde...

Best Ways to Sleep After a Shoulder Injury

Ask anyone who has had shoulder surgery and he will most likely tell you that the pain he experienced caused difficulty sleeping. ...

Common Rear Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body, allowing for reaching up behind and across the body. According to the A...

Yoga for a Shoulder Injury

As your most flexible joints, your shoulders are susceptible to injury and can be slow to heal. Some common shoulder injuries incl...

How to Strengthen & Stretch for an AC Shoulder Injury

Your AC joint, technically called your acromioclavicular joint, is found in your shoulder where your scapula and clavicle meet. Th...

How to Put a Dislocated Shoulder Back Into Place

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that allows you to move your arms up, down, forward, backward and in and out. According to...

How to Care for a Dislocated Shoulder

Although the shoulder is one of the body’s most versatile and mobile joints, it also can be prone to injury. A shoulder disl...

Shoulder Stiffness Exercises After Clavicle Fracture

Also commonly known as your collarbone, your clavicle is the bone that rests across your shoulder and connects to the top of your ...
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