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Stuffy Nose

Home Remedies for an Infant's Stuffy Nose

A child's cold can often be treated at home, according to Typically, an indication that an infant has a cold ...

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose

Stuffy nose, or nasal congestion, typically occurs when the tissues lining the nasal passages become swollen due to inflamed blood...

Stuffy Noses in Babies & Sleeping

Their immature respiratory systems--and their constant need to explore the world by touching and licking things--can make babies e...

Causes of Coughing & Stuffy Nose After Eating

Coughing and a stuffy nose are usually signs of the common cold; these symptoms tend to run full force all day long until the viru...

Can I Exercise When I Have a Stuffed Nose?

Regular, moderate-intensity exercise can boost your immune system, reducing your frequency of colds and infections. Exercising wit...

Can Drinking Tea Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose?

A stuffy nose, referred to medically as nasal congestion, can be uncomfortable and even painful. It is characterized by the buildu...

Post-Run Head & Nose Pain

Running is a moderate- to high-intensity activity that requires many systems in the body to work overtime to support the extra ene...

A Stuffy Nose & Early Pregnancy

A stuffy nose is a common pregnancy ailment. According to, it affects almost one-third of all pregnant women. Docto...

Natural Ways to Open Up a Stuffy Nose

Your nasal cavity is filled with tiny blood vessels that can become swollen when triggered by pollen, dust, pet dander, irritants ...

What Kind of Symptoms Are Watery Eyes, Migraine & Stuffy Nose?

Minor ailments such as headaches, nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes occur in everyone from time to time. Although bothersome...
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