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Teens and Education

What to Wear to College Visits

Whether you’re preparing to enter college for the first time or considering graduate or doctoral programs, you want to make ...

The Reasons College Kids Get Sick

When students graduate from high school and leave for college, they often consider themselves being set free from the constraints ...

Grants for Married Women

Being married is really no obstacle to getting grants for school. In fact, most federal grants work off of income level, not marit...

Herbology Degree Programs

Herbology is a field that requires specific and focused study leading to a comprehensive knowledge of herbs, their uses and applic...

How to Help Your Teen Focus on School Work

Your teenager attends school, but books and studying are not always the top priority. School is just as much a social as an educat...

Does Music Help Teens Get Good Grades in School?

Listening to the right music while studying can contribute to the intellectual development of teens. Some parents, unsure of the k...

Scholarships for Students Whose Parents Are Teachers

As the price of a college degree continues to skyrocket, identifying resources that will help reduce costs is a major priority for...

A Critical Thinking Group Activity for Teens

Critical thinking is the process of analyzing information and facts to solve a problem. Teens can benefit from a few simple critic...

Problems College Students Face When They Don't Exercise

College is a transitional time, when students are often placed in a new environment for four years and face immense pressure to st...

Lice: How to Clean Your Child's Room

After discovering lice in your home, you need to clean every room to prevent further infestation. Lice may live as long as three d...
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