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Teens and What to Expect

How to End Teen Girl Drama

Teen girl drama is much more than just an annoying behavior -- it's behavior essentially built into her DNA. An article published ...

Prolonged Periods in Teenagers

Teens' periods are often erratic, irregular and unpredictable during the first few years of menstruation. It takes time for hormon...

How to Get Your Teenager to Break Up With Her Bad Boyfriend

Abusive and unhealthy relationships are not confined to adults only -- teenagers can also experience dating abuse. An abusive rela...

How to Teach Teenagers How to Evangelize

Teenagers in the throes of seeking independence generally are not inclined to pay much heed to an adult lecture on their need for ...

Obstacle Course Games for Teens

Whether your teens are always saying they are bored or you are looking to keep your teens and their friends out of mischief around...

Bonding Ideas for Teens

The teenage years are times of transition. The space between childhood and adulthood can often be confusing and distancing from wh...

Teenagers & Miscarriage

Any female of any child-bearing age can have a miscarriage, which is defined as the loss of a fetus before week 20 of pregnancy. T...

Harvest Party Outdoor Night Games for Teens

An evening harvest party, whether in your back yard or a nearby park, can be a lot of fun for kids if you offer a variety of games...

Ideas for Ice Breakers at a Teen Retreat

Icebreakers are interactive games and activities designed to take the awkwardness out of a whole bunch of teenagers thrown togethe...

The Life of an Amish Teenager

On one hand, Amish teens live a simple, plain life. They get up, help their mamms and daeds -- moms and dads -- with chores, go to...
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