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Toddler Safety

Toddler Safety Activities

All children need to learn about safety to protect them from unknown dangers. Older children may be taught in various methods, but...

What Should You Do for an Ant Bite on a Toddler?

Ant bites, though not as common as spider or mosquito bites, can cause redness, localized swelling and in rare cases, an allergic ...

Pillow Safety for Toddlers

Toddler spend a great deal of time in the crib or toddler bed. The place where your toddler sleeps should be safe for naps and sle...

Booster Seat Height and Weight Restrictions

Although the leading cause of death for young children is still car injuries, the proper use of child restraint devices, like boos...

Sprains in Toddlers

Your accident-prone toddler probably has a new bruise or scratch every day, but a sprain is not a common injury at this age. Your ...

How Old Should a Baby Be Before Using a Pillow?

As you lay your head down on a soft pillow each night, you may fret that your baby is uncomfortable sleeping on a flat mattress. H...

What Foods Are a Choking Hazard to Toddlers?

As a toddler begins eating a greater variety of foods, the risk of choking skyrockets. Choking is one of the most prevalent causes...
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