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Toddlers and Development

The Scandal Over Rihanna's Bathtub Pic Raises an Important Question

Rihanna has never been shy about sharing her life on social media. But a recent photo with her young niece has garnered some prett...

Literacy Skills for a 3-Year-Old

Early literacy skills don't only happen once your child is enrolled in and attends a school. They are first learned in the hom...

The Moral Development of Toddlers

Your toddler is learning and growing every day, turning into a little person with an individual personality. As young as your todd...

Why Is it Important to Develop Gross Motor Skills in Preschool Children?

Gross motor skills include all of the large movements your child makes with major muscle groups. Running, jumping, climbing and da...

Shortness of Breath in Toddlers

There are a few symptoms that are frightening for parents to see their toddler experiencing. Shortness of breath, medically referr...

Robert Coles' Theories on Role Models & Moral Development in Children

For the last 50 years, Robert Coles has been chronicling the lives of children. As a child psychiatrist, teacher, parent and Pulit...

Tips for Growing Toddler Hair

As your little one moves past babyhood and into toddlerhood, her hair might need some extra attention. You may encounter challenge...

The Development of Motor Skills in 1-Year-Olds

The time between a baby's first and second birthday is a time of great growth in developmental skills, including gross and fin...

The Physical Development of Infants & Toddlers in Child Care

The freedom to play and explore in a child care setting gives children opportunities to move around and use their muscles, which i...

Why Language Development is Important to a Child

Language is an important skill that allows a person to communicate. A child begins to develop language even before she can use wor...
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