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Toddlers and What to Expect

Reasons a Toddler Wakes Up to Eat at Night

You've breathed a sigh of relief because you can count on your child regularly sleeping for at least eight or nine uninterrupted h...

What Is Toddler Jabbering?

Sometimes when you listen to your toddler, you would swear he's carrying on a full conversation -- in a foreign language. And he i...

Characteristics of a Visually Impaired Child

It is not always easy to recognize that a child might be visually impaired. Although even very young children can show some physic...

How to Turn Crib Into Toddler Bed

Transitioning your child from a crib into a toddler bed is equally exciting and terrifying. On one hand, he's growing up ...

About Toddler Colic

Colic is a condition in which a baby seemingly cries for no reason for a long length of time and cannot be consoled. The Mayo Clin...

Home Treatments for Breathing Problems in Toddlers

Most toddlers experience occasional, mild breathing problems. In most cases, breathing difficulties in toddlers are caused by a vi...

Does a Toddler Need Milk Before Bed?

Your toddler may want milk right before bed, but that doesn't mean he or she needs it. According to the American Sleep Associa...

Hiccups in a Toddler

Hiccups are a common condition in babies and toddlers because your little one takes in large amounts of air during feedings. While...

Toddler Toenail Problems

Preventive measures can reduce your toddler’s risk of toenail problems. If your toddler regularly has toenail problems or ha...

Shallow Breathing in Toddlers

Toddlers are hardy little people who most of the time seem to bounce back easily from life's bumps and challenges. Breathing diffi...
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