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Water Aerobics

Swimming Effects on the Cardiovascular System

Swimming is a form of aerobic exercise that aids in the improvement of strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. According ...

Free Water Aerobics Exercises Using Water Dumbbells

When someone mentions pool exercise, many automatically imagine endless hours of swimming laps back and forth. While this is a typ...

Water Exercises for SI Joint

The sacroiliac, or SI joints, are shock-absorbers that connect your spine to your pelvis and transmit forces from your upper body ...

Water Exercises After a Lumbar Fusion

Lumbar, or spinal, fusion is a corrective surgery to repair sections of your spine that are damaged due to degenerative conditions...

Free Shallow Water Aerobics Exercises

Water-based exercise is the best low-impact exercise you can participate in, according to the American Council on Exercise. The in...

Pros & Cons of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics, or aqua fitness exercise, provides recreation and physical activity for a wide range of individuals. Water aerobic...

How to Do Water Aerobics at Home

Water aerobics enables you to perform movements and routines similar to those in a traditional aerobics class while keeping your b...

List of Water Aerobic Exercises

Moving your aerobics routine into the water provides the toning and cardiovascular benefits of exercise on dry land with less stra...

How to Teach Water Aerobics

Teaching water aerobics can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Because water aerobics is a low-impact class that is very ea...

Is Swimming a Good Fat Burning Exercise?

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that works the entire body and burns lots of calories. Because swimming recruits so many different...
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