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Women's Clothing

How to Wear a Jaw Clip

Even if you love your long hair, you may not always want to wear it down. If you need to look professional for a formal occasion, ...

Will Cranberry Juice Come Out of a Dress Shirt?

Cranberry juice has a tart, refreshing taste that hits the spot on a hot summer day, but if you spill a glass of the juice on your...

How to Clean Soiled Nylon Jacket Cuffs

Nylon is a versatile man-made material that is used to manufacture rain, sport and winter coats. Although it can repel rain and he...

How to Stretch Your Shoe Heel

Whether high heels, sneakers or flats, shoes that are too tight are uncomfortable and can cause problems with your feet. Blisters ...

How to Make Kitty Ears for My Hoodie

Adding kitty ears to a hoodie can be a cute and funky way to spruce up your wardrobe. Not only will they make your hoodie unique, ...

How to Steam a Dress Shirt Vertically

Steaming a dress shirt vertically allows you to remove wrinkles quickly and easily without setting up an ironing board and perform...

How to Roll Up & Button a Girl's Collared Shirt Sleeves

A girl has options when it comes to her blouse. She can wear the sleeves down and unbuttoned, put on a sweater and have the cuffs ...

How to Remove Shine From Polyester Pants

Synthetic dress slacks can develop shiny patches after extensive wear and improper ironing techniques, but in some cases, you may ...

How to Hide a Bloated Belly with Fashion

Concealing a bloated tummy requires smart styling techniques and some attention to your choice of undergarments. Whether bloating ...

What Do You Wear to the Gym on a Cold Day?

Going to the gym is an excellent excuse to buy new workout wear. Acquiring an athletic wardrobe in addition to your regular one ca...
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