Slow Cooker Jambalaya for a Week of Hassle-Free Dinners

Prepping and freezing ingredients is a great way to save time on your slow cooker meals.

Week 3 of the 4-Week Meal-Prep Challenge is here, and this time LIVESTRONG.COM and MyHealthyDish are recommending a delicious slow cooker jambalaya. The slow cooker does all the heavy lifting on this one, so it's a perfect dinner option for folks with minimal time on their hands.

Chicken provides a low-calorie, protein-packed choice for meat lovers, while brown rice supplies a healthy dose of fiber and keeps cholesterol in check. No good power meal comes without a hefty dose of veggies — and these ones will be a paprika- and oregano-sprinkled treat.


Recipe & Nutrition Info: Slow Cooker Jambalaya

This meal is highly customizable. Chicken can be easily swapped with tofu, and rice can be replaced with your grain of choice. If the jambalaya isn't on par with your cravings, any of these simple and delicious slow cooker meals are great options. Just prep your ingredients and freeze in a ziplock bag until you are ready to throw them into the slow cooker, then portion as soon as the meal is ready. Mason jars and special meal-prep containers are a great way to ensure that your meal is commuter-friendly!


What Do YOU Think?

Will you be making the Slow Cooker Jambalaya? Are you a fan of the slow cooker as a kitchen tool? What are your go-to slow cooker recipes?