10 Keto Fat-Bomb Recipes That Pack More Flavor Than Any Sugary Dessert

Keto fat bombs are tiny little power players in a low-carb diet that add satiating calories from fat and protein.
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Fat bombs may be small, but they pack intense flavor, usually have around 200 calories and are — as you may have guessed — primarily made up of dietary fat. They're a popular keto diet treat that helps satiate hunger while upping the fat-burning fat intake for the day.


While fat bombs can be worked into an overall healthy lifestyle, they aren't low calorie by any means, so it's important to keep your eye on portion size — as well as the quality of fats you're using.

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There are many variations on the keto snack, but the recipes here have a few things in common: They require zero cooking, take five minutes or less to prep and happen to be 100-percent plant-based. Get ready to check those hunger pangs at the door with these 10 on-trend fat-bomb recipes that satisfy those dessert cravings.


One Thing to Keep in Mind

Because keto recipes like fat bombs are so popular, you may be surprised to hear that the keto diet has actually been around for decades: It was first discovered as a clinical treatment for epilepsy that doesn’t respond to medication, according to the Epilepsy Foundation — but you’ve probably heard more about keto for its quick weight-loss results. Regardless of what diet you follow, fat bombs should be considered a treat — and as with other recipes, the quality of ingredients definitely matter.

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1. Lemon-Almond Chai Fat Bombs

Lemon-almond chai fat bombs are satisfyingly crunchy, thanks to the chopped pistachios.
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These chai-spice goodies are deeply satisfying, thanks to the refreshing addition of pure lemon extract (you can replace with lemon zest in a one-to-one manner), the gratifying crunch from chopped pistachios and the earthy dose of healthy fats from almond butter. You can use pre-made chai spice or make your own (our take on a chai spice blend is included as part of this recipe).


Once you get the hang of it, experimentation is encouraged. Play with levels of sweetener (scaling back when you can), mix-ins and garnishes.

Get the Lemon Almond Chai Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

2. Chiles y Chocolate Fat Bombs

The heat of the chilis in these chilis y chocolate fat bombs minimize the fat feel while highlighting the richness of the cocoa.
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Red chili flakes and pure cacao powder are an excellent flavor combination. The heat from the anti-inflammatory chili enhances the antioxidant-rich chocolate, and cuts through some of the fattiness that can leave an unpleasant feeling on your tongue.



The easiest, no-fail way to make fat bombs is to use a mini-muffin pan and plenty of liners. It not only keeps portions under control, but it also helps contain the mess.

Using two liners per cup isn't mandatory, but it does help the fat bombs pop out of the pan more easily. That's because the fat bomb "batter" is usually liquid when poured — and, of course, fatty — so it soaks through at least one liner and can freeze stuck to the muffin tin during the chilling process. If you use a single liner, a thin but sturdy chopstick or bread knife with a little applied pressure will pop them out easily enough.


Get the Chiles y Chocolate Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

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3. Tahini-Cacao-Cup Fat Bombs

Tahini makes up half this fat bomb and will deliver macronutrients along with a variety of good-for-you vitamins and minerals.
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Only a smidge more complex than the rest of these blend-it-and-freeze recipes, think of this fat bomb as a grown-up, deconstructed peanut butter cup where the nut butter is on the outside. And rather than making this with a predictable nut butter, opt for sesame seed paste (aka tahini) for a unique yet comforting flavor.


Once the base chocolate layer is ready, fill and chill the mini-muffin cups in the freezer. In the time it takes to make the sesame layer, the chocolate layer is set enough that you can then pour the top layer — so there's no downtime.

Get the Tahini Cacao Cup Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.


4. Rosewater-Bonbon Fat Bombs

Rosewater has been known to help with not only skin conditions, but also can help treat bladder infections and diarrhea.
Image Credit: Maggie Moon/LIVESTRONG.com

Rosewater is exactly what it sounds like: Water that's been infused with rose petals. It is common in many Middle Eastern dessert recipes such as baklava.


In this recipe, it adds a mild floral note. In case you're concerned that it will taste like perfume, don't be: There's just a hint of rose that gives way to a much stronger chocolate and almond butter flavor.


A good bottle of rosewater shouldn’t run more than about $10 — and a little goes a long way — so it’s best to add a little at a time and check the taste. You can always add more. Our favorite part: The fact that you can actually serve this with rose petals. What’s not to love?

Get the Rosewater Bonbon Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

5. Raspberry Delight Fat Bombs

To minimize the fat bombs from sticking to the muffin pan, use two cup liners rather than one.
Image Credit: Maggie Moon/LIVESTRONG.com

Let's talk about the "fat" part of fat bombs for a second. Fat bombs typically include a saturated fat that easily solidifies when chilled — such as butter, cream cheese or coconut oil. While a little saturated fat is functional for these recipes, keep in mind that the best evidence available (randomized controlled clinical trials) shows that replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat can reduce the risk for heart disease, per the American Heart Association (AHA).


That's why even though all of the fat-bomb recipes in this list include virgin coconut oil to give them shape, they also include better-for-you nut butters or avocado to balance things out.


Just remember, no matter how vociferously people preach that coconut oil is a superfood with all-healing powers or say the opposite, calling it pure poison, it's not either. It's just another food. And because it's high in saturated fat, you should proceed with caution — hence the small serving sizes and healthy mix-ins, like the fresh raspberries and lemon zest in these pretty pies.

Get the Raspberry Delight Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

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6. Chia-Fudge Wedge Fat Bombs

Chia seeds are the secret ingredient in this recipe that add plant protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
Image Credit: Maggie Moon/LIVESTRONG.com

This recipe introduces basic fat-bomb fudge to heart-healthy chia seeds. The chia in it boosts its nutritional profile with omega-3 fatty acids, plant protein and dietary fiber. The almond butter adds texture, more healthy fats, antioxidant vitamin E and a plant-based source of the vital mineral calcium.

Meanwhile, the pure cacao powder packs complex polyphenols that research suggests has antioxidant properties, blood pressure-lowering effects and anti-inflammatory qualities, according to a December 2016 study in the journal Diseases.

Decadent little bites on their own, these fat bombs would also be amazing dropped into a homemade blended iced coffee drink or a smoothie.

Get the Chia Fudge Wedges Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.


7. Matcha-Ginger Avo-Truffle Fat Bombs

These fat bombs get turned into fancy treats by rolling them into balls and covering them in matcha powder.
Image Credit: Maggie Moon/LIVESTRONG.com

These hand-rolled "truffles" are as sophisticated as fat bombs get. The phytonutrient-rich flavors from matcha green tea powder and ginger marry well within the structure provided by a blend of avocado and coconut oil. The avocado ups the unsaturated fat content of this recipe, which is why it will feel softer than some of the other fat bombs on the list.


You'll want to chill these for five to 10 minutes until they set before rolling them into balls. Then, work quickly or else the warmth from your hands will start to melt the truffle. Chill them again and then roll them in a small bowl with a spoonful of additional matcha powder to coat the exterior.

Trust us, these are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Get the Matcha-Ginger Avo-Truffle Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

8. Mocha-Cacao-Nib Fat Bombs

Enjoy these fat bombs with your morning cup of coffee to frontload some healthy benefits first thing in the morning.
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The secret to this tasty mocha fat bomb is pure coffee extract. A teaspoon of extract packs the same amount of flavor as a teaspoon of espresso powder, but without the gritty texture. Plus, opting for extract over brewed coffee prevents the fat bomb from losing its shape.

But no one is stopping you from enjoying one of these little treats alongside your morning coffee! That way you're sure to get the benefits of java, which link it to a reduced risk of certain cancers, according to a November 2017 study in the British Medical Journal. Not to mention the performance-enhancing effects of caffeine, which you'd be getting from the coffee as well as the cacao powder.


A silicone mold made it easy to create the smooth shape of these fat bombs. Second only to the mini-muffin tray, silicone molds are the way to go because they are so easy to use.

Get the Mocha Cacao Nib Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

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9. Lemon-Drop Fat Bombs

Inspired by Italian pine nut and lemon cake with sumac and lemon zest, these lemon drop fat bombs are mildly addictive.
Image Credit: Maggie Moon/LIVESTRONG.com

This recipe is inspired by a traditional Italian pine nut cake, but it omits flour, eggs and sugar. It gets its sweetness from erythritol, which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol derived from fruits and vegetables that is both low in calories and doesn't have the aftertaste that many people complain about in other low- or no-calorie sweeteners.

Don't shy away from topping these citrusy drops with a bit of sumac. The Middle-Eastern spice boasts a bit of tang, which complements the lemon extract. Plus, it adds a beautiful dash of red that makes these treats that much more appealing.

Get the Lemon Drop Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

10. Hemp-Heart Fat Bombs

Hemp hearts add a dose of healthy fats and more plant protein than chia seeds or flaxseed.
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The key, high-quality ingredient in this recipe is hemp hearts, which boast healthy fats and twice the plant protein of chia seeds or flaxseed.

It blends smooth, making it ideal for incorporating into fat bombs, and you'll love the mildly nutty flavor and pleasantly chewy texture that come through when it's used as a topping. This recipe has hemp hearts inside and out, so you get the best of both worlds.

Get the Hemp Hearties Fat Bombs recipe and nutrition info here.

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