All You Need for This At-Home CrossFit Workout Is a Kettlebell

Try adding kettlebell swings to your next at-home CrossFit workout.
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Kettlebells have certainly become the darling of the weight room (and the CrossFit box). And with good reason: They're versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of exercises and provide a total-body burn.


But they're just as effective at home, and you only need one or two to replicate some of your favorite CrossFit workouts in your living room or garage.

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Case in point: this kettlebell triplet workout. Just three full-body moves will leave your glutes burning and your shirt a sweaty mess (assuming it stays on at all).

Try This Kettlebell CrossFit Workout

One round of this triplet will consist of 15 kettlebell deadlifts, 15 kettlebell swings and 15 goblet squats. You'll do three full rounds.

If you have more than one option at home, choose a weight that challenges you while allowing you to maintain proper form. (You can also use a gallon water jug or a bag filled with heavy books if you don't have a kettlebell.) Try to avoid putting the kettlebell on the ground if you have CrossFit experience.

Before you begin, set a timer to see how long it takes you to finish this workout. Jot down your time and try to set a new record the next time you try this routine.


Get the perfect warm-up and cooldown for at-home CrossFit workouts.

Move 1: Kettlebell Deadlifts

  1. Start with your feet slightly outside your shoulders and the kettlebell on the floor between them.
  2. Hinge from your hips and grab the handle of the bell, keeping your back flat.
  3. Press into the ground through your feet as you thrust your hips forward and stand up.
  4. Push your hips back to begin lowering back down, and once the kettlebell passes your knees, bend them to return it to the floor.
  5. Perform this move for 15 reps.


Move 2: Kettlebell Swings

  1. Grab the kettlebell with both hands and stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keeping a neutral spine, hinge at your hips until the kettlebell is between or behind your legs.
  3. Drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes to extend your hips and swing the weight up to eye level.
  4. Relax slightly and allow the weight's momentum to return you to the starting position.
  5. Swing for 15 reps.



If you'd like an extra challenge and are confident in your shoulder strength and mobility, you can continue the swing until the weight is directly above your head.

Move 3: Goblet Squats

  1. Begin standing with feet hip-width apart, holding the kettlebell at chest height.
  2. Tuck your elbows close to your ribs and keep your elbows pointing down.
  3. Push your hips back and bend at your knees, lowering into a squat.
  4. Keep your shoulders back and chest up as you squat.
  5. Once your legs are parallel to the ground, press into your heels, push your hips forward and return to standing.
  6. Squat for 15 reps.


If you have the mobility and can keep proper form, increase your squat depth below 90 degrees. You can also elevate your heels to help you get lower in the exercise.



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