All You Need for This 20-Minute Full-Body Workout Is a Kettlebell

All you need for this workout is a kettlebell and you're ready to go.
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Personal trainers consistently praise kettlebells for being a functional piece of equipment you can incorporate into any strength-training workout. Even if you're usually partial to barbells, it's hard to refute the versatility of this weight.


This 20-minute kettlebell workout — created by Mathew Forzaglia, certified personal trainer and founder of Forzag Fitness on the NEOU App — consists of three circuits, wrapping up with an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) finisher. Keep your form in mind as you move from exercise to exercise and enjoy the full-body burn.

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Circuit #1

Do: 30 seconds of each of the three exercises below, repeating the circuit for 3 rounds total with a 60-second rest between sets. If needed, rest for 30 seconds between exercises.

Move 1: Kettlebell Dead Clean

  1. Begin with feet hip-width apart, kettlebell between your feet.
  2. Shoot your hips back and bend at the knees, leaning forward with your back flat.
  3. Pick up the kettlebell with your right hand and push your hips forward to return to standing.
  4. Simultaneously, clean the kettlebell, pointing your elbow down and allowing the bell to rest on the outside of your hand.
  5. Reverse the motion to bring the kettlebell back town to the ground.
  6. Repeat on the opposite side.


Move 2: Goblet Reverse Lunges

  1. Stand holding the handle of the kettlebell in both hands at chest height. Keep your elbows tucked against your sides, core tight.
  2. Step your left leg back a few feet. With weight in your right leg, bend your right knee to a 90 degree angle.
  3. Simultaneously, bend your left knee until it hovers just above the ground.
  4. Return to standing and bring your legs back together.
  5. Keeping the kettlebell in the same position, lunge with the right leg back.
  6. Continue alternating which leg steps back.


Move 3: High Plank Pull Through

  1. Begin in a forearm plank. Keep your body in a straight line from head to hips to heels, legs extended behind you.
  2. With the kettlebell just outside and slightly behind your left shoulder, grab the handle of the kettlebell with your right hand.
  3. Brace your core to balance on your left elbow and toes. Pull the kettlebell under your body to the outside of your right shoulder.
  4. Repeat and pull the kettlebell under the body with the left hand.
  5. Alternate right and left while maintaining the low plank position.




As you perform this exercise, press back through the heels to help maintain the plank position. Avoid sinking or hiking your hips and keep your core braced.

Circuit #2

Do: 30 seconds of each of the three exercises below, repeating the circuit for 3 rounds total. Rest for 10 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds between sets.

Move 1: Goblet Lateral Lunges

  1. Begin holding the handle of the kettlebell with both hands at chest height, elbows tucked at your sides and pointing down.
  2. With your left leg, step a few feet to the left.
  3. Keeping the right heel rooted and right leg straight, bend the left knee to 90 degrees.
  4. Straighten the left knee and bring the legs back together.
  5. Then, repeat the lateral lunge on the right, keeping the left foot rooted.


Move 2: Kettlebell Bent-Over Rows

  1. Begin with the kettlebell on the floor between your legs, feet hip-width apart.
  2. Shoot your hips back and bend your knees slightly, keeping your back flat and neck long.
  3. Reach down with your right arm and grab the handle of the kettlebell.
  4. Row the kettlebell up to chest height, keeping the elbow close to your ribs.
  5. Pause for a moment here and extend the arm again.
  6. Do 30 seconds on each arm, resting 10 seconds in between.


Move 3: Kettlebell Flutter Kicks

  1. Begin lying on the ground, holding the kettlebell in both hands, arms extended above and slightly behind the head in a racked position, bell resting on the outside of your hands.
  2. Lift your head and shoulders off the ground, holding this hollow position throughout the move.
  3. Raise your legs and flutter them up and down, moving the legs vertically as high and low as possible while keeping the hollow position in your core.


Circuit #3

Do: 10 reps of each of the following 3 moves. Repeat the circuit for as many rounds as you can do with good form in 4 minutes, resting as needed.


Move 1: Goblet Thruster

  1. Begin holding the handles of the kettlebell at chest height, elbows tucked at your sides. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bring the hips back and squat toward the ground, bending the knees to at least 90 degrees, pushing your knees out.
  3. Reverse this motion and press through the heels to return to standing.
  4. Using the momentum from your squat, raise the kettlebell straight up overhead, keeping your hands in the same position.
  5. As you bring the kettlebell back to your chest, lower into the next squat.

Move 2: Kettlebell Swings

  1. Start with the kettlebell resting on the ground between your legs.
  2. With the feet shoulder-width apart, send the hips back and bend the knees.
  3. Lean the torso forward with a flat back and grasp the kettlebell, swinging it between your legs.
  4. Using the momentum of the swing, raise the kettlebell up to shoulder height.
  5. At the same time, push the hips forward and straighten the legs.
  6. As the kettlebell swings down, allow the momentum to bring the weight back between the legs and bend the knees back to the same deadlift position.


Form is key with kettlebell swings, so take the movement slowly. Remember to keep your core braced throughout the exercise to protect your lower back.

Move 3: Push-Ups

  1. Drop down to a high plank, hands under your shoulders and legs extended straight out behind you.
  2. Keeping your core tight, bend the elbows at a 45-degree angle from your ribs and lower your body toward the ground.
  3. When the chest hovers just above the floor, press into your palms and return to a high plank.



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