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The key to a low-carb french toast is using the right bread.
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If you're following a low-carb diet or simply tracking your carb intake, traditional white bread can easily exceed your carb budget (two slices have about 30 grams of carbs). So, what's a loaf lover to do?


Lower in carbs, sprouted-grain and whole-grain varieties are great options for those looking to limit their daily carb count, Vanessa Rissetto, RD, CDN, co-founder of Culina Health, tells

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Plus, they also contain more protein and fiber to keep you fuller for longer. (We love Silver Hills Bakery Vegan Sprouted-Grain Bread, $4.99 on

Featuring whole and sprouted grains, these six satisfying low-carb breakfast recipes with bread (with 23 grams of carbs or less) will crush your cravings without costing you much of the starchy macro.

1. Egg, Organic Ham and Toast Scramble

Diced whole grain toast adds texture to this egg and ham scramble.
  • Calories:‌ 325
  • Carbs:‌ 17 grams


Toast is for egg dipping, so why not dice it up and toss it into your morning scramble? That's exactly what this cross between an omelet and a breakfast sandwich does.

High-protein eggs and organic ham combined with fiber-rich whole-grain bread will keep your belly satisfied and your blood sugar levels steady for hours, Rissetto says. For even more filling fiber (and texture), she suggests adding sautéed spinach to your scramble.


Get the Egg, Organic Ham and Toast Scramble recipe and nutrition info here.

2. Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast

Smoked salmon and creamy avocado top sprouted toast for a satiating breakfast.
  • Calories:‌ 307
  • Carbs:‌ 7 grams



Fish for breakfast? While seafood may not seem like an obvious morning meal, this salivating smoked salmon gives your average avocado toast a major upgrade and a big boost of muscle-building protein. With a mere 7 grams of carbs per serving, this tasty toast won't break the carb bank. Plus, it's convenient — only 4 minutes to prep from start to finish.

To feel more full (and get extra heart-healthy omega-3s), Rissetto recommends eating 5 to 6 ounces of salmon (instead of the 3 ounces called for in the recipe).


Get the Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast recipe and nutrition info here.

3. Cinnamon French Toast With Yogurt

This low-carb, low-fat french toast with whole-grain bread only tastes like dessert.
  • Calories:‌ 277
  • Carbs:‌ 22 grams


This delicious low-carb breakfast proves you don't need heavy, carb-laden challah bread to make a fantastic french toast. Low in saturated fat and high in protein from eggs and Greek yogurt, top this toast with berries for a bit of sweetness and even more gut-healthy fiber.

Get the Cinnamon French Toast With Yogurt recipe and nutrition info here.

4. The Buenos Dias Toast With Refried Beans and Hard-Boiled Eggs

Refried beans and salsa spice up this egg-topped toast with whole-grain bread.
  • Calories:‌ 192
  • Carbs:‌ 22 grams



Loaded with fiber (5 grams) and protein (12 grams) from refried beans and healthy fats from hard-boiled eggs, this is a perfectly balanced breakfast that promises to stave off the belly rumbles until lunchtime, Rissetto says.

Plus, with all the textures, from crunchy toast to buttery refried beans — plus a splash of spicy salsa — this loaded whole-grain toast is guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds.

5. The Goob Peanut Butter Toast With Greek Yogurt and Grapes

This healthier whole-grain PB and J features fresh grapes instead of sugary jelly.
  • Calories:‌ 216
  • Carbs:‌ 22 grams

Peanut butter and jelly fans, this one's for you. This version of the classic sandwich staple sacks the sugary jelly in favor of juicy red grapes for a fresh take on an old-school favorite that won't sacrifice the flavors you love.

Meanwhile, low-fat Greek yogurt combines with creamy natural peanut butter for an extra protein punch. If you're watching your sugar intake, Rissetto recommends swapping out grapes for berries, which would also bulk up the fiber content.

6. Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Whole-grain bread, avocado and cottage combine to create a simple yet satisfying breakfast.
  • Calories:‌ 266
  • Carbs:‌ 23 grams

As far as breakfasts go, this one is as complete as it gets with a beautiful balance of blood sugar-stabilizing whole grains, heart-healthy fats and satiating protein, Rissetto says.

Highly underrated, cottage cheese brings a bounty of flavor and texture (without many calories) to this twist on avocado toast. Not to mention, the creamy cheese boosts your morning meal's nutrient profile thanks to its calcium content.

Get the Avocado Breakfast Sandwich recipe and nutrition info here.

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