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Target's Made By Design Cool Touch Memory Foam Pillow has helped me sleep better and alleviated my chronic neck pain.
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I've always hated memory foam pillows. The many I've tried over the years have always been too hard, causing me to wake up in the middle of the night feeling so uncomfortable that I have to swap in a softer one.


This softer pillow just happens to be one I've held onto since college — eight years ago — and definitely doesn't have a shape anymore. Nevertheless, I always find it more comfortable than any new pillow I try. (And for what it's worth, you probably shouldn't wait as long as I did to replace your pillow.)

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That is, until I slept over at my friend's house. The second I lay down, I immediately had to sit back up and check the tags of her guest bedroom pillow so I could buy my own. The pillow in question? Target's Made By Design Cool Touch Memory Foam Pillow.

Yes, I know I just said I hated memory foam pillows, but this one is truly magical — allow me to explain.

For the past year or two, my neck has felt sore and achy. Not enough that it's truly painful, but enough for me to notice it almost daily. I just figured it was due to intense workouts, simply getting older or both. Never did I think this was due to my lifeless, shapeless college-era pillow. (I know, I probably should have made the connection!)


But not even a week into sleeping with my new pillow from Target, I noticed I was going through each day pain-free without changing anything else in my routine. (And I was sleeping through the night and not having to switch out my pillows!)

Before I go any further, a quick (but important!) disclaimer: While this pillow has definitely helped with my chronic achy neck, it might not help everyone. Do I still recommend this pillow? Absolutely — it's seriously so comfortable and soft (more on that below). But if you do have neck pain and it isn't going away even after sleeping on this pillow, make an appointment with your doctor to figure out the root cause of the issue.


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Features and Functionality

The first thing I noticed upon sleeping on this pillow was its softness. When you lay your head down, the pillow forms to the shape of your head and you sink into it slowly. This seemed like the perfect Goldilocks pillow for me — not too soft but not too firm either. And my neck was definitely thankful for this.

Another highlight: The memory foam is designed to keep you from overheating during the night. The material "prevents warm air from building up inside the pillow so it can circulate easily," according to the website, which is great for hot sleepers like myself.


Buy Your Own Cool Touch Memory Foam Pillow

A quick Google search for memory foam pillows brings up options that near $100. Target's Made By Design Cool Touch Memory Foam Pillow is super affordable at only $35.

But don't think the quality is less due to the cheaper price. While I've only had the pillow for a few months, I can't see it losing its shape and becoming flat in the future.

Ready to have your best night's sleep yet? Time to retire that pillow you've had for years and stock up on your new favorite pillow!

Buy ($35); ($34.92); ($25)



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