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The Saatva Classic Mattress keeps me cool, comfy and supported all night long.
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As the parent of an active toddler, sleep is a crucial aspect of self-care in my world. Without enough of it I, too, am prone to temper tantrums and emotional meltdowns as the pressures of parenthood and endless to-dos rest on my tired shoulders.


My kid gets about 12 hours of shut-eye each night, but I aspire to a modest seven or eight, which can be hard to come by if the right sleep environment isn't set. Enter: The Saatva Classic Mattress in it's luxurious, cloud-like wonder.

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Why I Love the Saatva Classic Mattress

As of today, I've slept on my Saatva Classic Mattress for almost an entire year, and it's truly stood the test of time. Below, I'll share the many reasons I love and attribute my sanity to it:

It Keeps Us Cool and Comfortable

My husband and I are compatible in lots of ways, but when it comes to sleeping, we've hit a few roadblocks over the years. For one, his body temperature runs very hot — it's like sleeping next to a human furnace — which isn't ideal, as you typically want the temperature in your sleep environment to be on the cooler side for an optimal night of zzzs, according to the Cleveland Clinic.


The Saatva mattress is made with a breathable organic cotton cover and dual-coil design that allows more airflow to help disperse body heat, which I can attest to. Since we switched to the Saatva, my burning desire to sleep in an entirely separate room has dissipated.

Another impressive element: Saatva mattresses are treated with a plant-based antimicrobial treatment to help protect against mold and bacteria in case, for whatever reason, things still get sweaty.


It's Perfectly Firm and Supportive

My husband is a side-sleeper and a runner with achey, often restless legs, and I'm a back-sleeper and former pregnant person with residual lower back pain, so when we went shopping for a new mattress, it was important to consider these factors and find one that worked for both of us.

Luckily for our marriage, the Saatva Classic Mattress has proven suitable to both our needs. There are three options you can choose from — Plush, Luxury Firm (the most popular) and Firm — and we went with the Luxury Firm, which provides the ideal amount of support and comfort.



There's a reason the Saatva Classic is on's list of the best mattresses for neck and back pain: It's built with extra support for the lumbar spine (aka lower back) in the middle of the mattress, which for me, has led to a great improvement in my lower back pain.

The three-inch plush pillow top on the mattress surface also provides enough cushion to alleviate any pressure on our joints. Not to mention, the pillow top on the mattress' surface is so soft and comfortable — it's truly like sleeping on a cloud — we've kissed the restlessness goodbye.


It Makes No Noise

No one likes a noisy mattress — especially if you share one with someone who insists on getting up for a workout at 5 a.m. while you prefer to "sleep in" until 7.

And of course, there are other activities that can occur in bed which may make a quiet mattress more preferable if, say, you have thin walls and children or neighbors in close quarters. In these cases, the Saatva mattress is a great choice.


I have never actually experienced a quiet mattress in all my years sleeping on hand-me-downs, but a year in, my Saatva Classic ‌still‌ does not make a sound.

The mattress is made with pocketed coils where most of your body weight rests, which means the inner springs are encased in fabric, stifling any noise from the metal. The coils are also made with sturdy 13-gauge steel, which has so far held up and prevented our mattress from sagging in the middle.


Buy It

We purchased a king-sized Saatva Classic Mattress in Luxury Firm, but it comes in every mattress size between twin and California king and three firmness options, including a softer Plush option, the most popular Luxury Firm and a more sturdy Firm option.

Luckily, the Saatva Classic Mattress is currently on sale: If you buy it through, you'll get $500 off your purchase of $1,000 or more. When you order, you'll get free in-room delivery and set-up from Saatva, and they'll even remove your current mattress and foundation at no extra cost.

Bonus: Saatva mattresses come with a 365-day trial and lifetime warranty, so there's little risk to you in trying one.

Here's to better sleep and potentially healthier relationships with those you share a bed with.

Buy it:; Price: $995 to $2,360 (before discount)




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