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Now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a makeover.
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With warming temperatures and a fresh-start feeling in the air, spring is the perfect time for a bedding refresh. And right now, luxury bedding brand Brooklinen is making that more affordable by offering 25 percent off site-wide (plus bundled savings) through May 2.


But wait, there's more: Wish Brooklinen a happy birthday as it celebrates nine years of business with 25 percent off the entire site until May 8.

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Brooklinen is a tried-and-true brand that appears again and again in roundups of the best bedding products. And Brooklinen's reviews speak for themselves — with more than 100,000 five-star reviews and counting!

Here are some top products to try during Brooklinen's annual spring sale:

1. Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter

The Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter is the perfect option for anyone who's allergic to traditional down comforters. This comforter is a down-free and sustainable option, filled with polyester fibers that have been recycled from plastic water bottles.


It will keep you cozy but also cool through the night, which is why it appears on's list of the best cooling comforters for hot sleepers.

2. Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

The Classic Core Sheet Set is one of Brooklinen's best-sellers, and for good reason. They're breathable, 100 percent linen sheets designed with cooling and temperature-regulating properties so you're comfortable during every season. (That's why they were selected as the best linen cooling sheets for hot sleepers by


These sheets are also OEKO-TEX-certified, which means they meet strict global safety standards, and they're made without harmful chemicals.

3. Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover

For a classic bedroom accessory, try the Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover. It's lightweight, stylish and made of 100 percent cotton and 270 breathable threads.


With five different color options, there's sure to be a comforter that fits your bedroom aesthetic. You'll snooze in style without breaking a sweat, which is why it's among LIVESTRONG's picks for best cooling duvet covers for hot sleepers.


This duvet cover also come with a one-year warranty and can be returned or exchanged within 365 days of purchase with free shipping for U.S. customers.


4. Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

When you lay your head down at night, you shouldn't have to worry about damaging your hair. That's what makes the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase so effective. It's a silk pillowcase made entirely out of mulberry silk that helps shield hair and skin from friction damage.

That's a win for your skin, hair and sleep, which is why selected this item as one of the best silk pillowcases for healthier skin and hair. It also works for all seasons with breathable, yet insulating silk.


5. Super-Plush Robe

While you're upgrading your bedding, add some luxury to your bathroom, too, with a Super-Plush Robe. Treat yourself to spa-like quality and softness with this bathrobe made of combed, long-staple Turkish cotton. The robe also has wide-sleeve adjustable cuffs, pockets and an adjustable tie waist. Choose between seven different colors to fit your style.

The fabric is strong, smooth, durable and absorbent. It also comes in bath towels.



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