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Remedies for Ulcer Pain

author image Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding has written stacks of research articles dating back to 2000. She has consulted in various settings and taught courses focused on psychology. Her work has been published by ParentDish, Atkins and other clients. Harding holds a Master of Science in psychology from Capella University and is completing several certificates through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association.

A peptic ulcer is a defect or open area in the lining of your stomach. Duodenal ulcers occur in the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. Both types of ulcers can cause inflammation, abdominal pain and digestive problems such as nausea or a feeling of fullness. If left untreated, an ulcer can cause bleeding in the digestive system, and _. Talk to your doctor if you have symtpoms such as and as it is not possible to diagnose an ulcer on your own. Seek immediate medical attention if ____

Just a couple of tips on this title, in particular -- you'll want to be sure to include relevant warnings about both OTCs and signs/sx of GI bleeding, and seeing a doctor for persistent pain that does not respond to home care. In your intro and warning section, you'll want to be clear about the fact that you cannot diagnose an "ulcer" yourself (since a lot of people call any upper gastric pain an "ulcer"). We just want to be careful to prompt people to seek medical attention as appropriate. There may be a little myth-busting in this article, too.

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what it is seek treatment - meds, maybe surgery don't try to diagnose yourself symptoms

Medications and Supplements

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if you have H. pylori (explain), as well as proton pump inhibitors such as to . Unless your doctor approves taking over-the-counter medications such as antacids (Tums, _) or , avoid them completely. These medications may temporarily relieve your symptoms but will not heal your ulcer. In fact, they may even . Supplements such as __ and have been found to cranberries probiotics may reduce symptoms from prescribed meds no NSAIDSpepto not antacids PPI baking soda

Dietary Changes

Spicy and fatty foods do not cause ulcers but eliminating them from your diet may help to relieve your pain, according to gastroenterologist Frank W. Jackson, MD. (Ref 1) Examples of foods that may irritate your stomach include chocolate, cocoa, cola drinks, tea, coffee, high-fat foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, chili powder, and any type of pepper. It is not, however, necessary to restrict your diet to bland foods, as doctors recommended . Instead, eat a balanced diet, chew your food well, and relax while you eat. UMM - high fiber,

Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Substances other than foods can irritate your ulcer and prevent healing. If you use tobacco, stop _ as _. Drinking alcoholic beverages also irritates ulcers although __ studies support moderate intake if you are not able to quit completely.

Herbs and Supplements

cranberry + oregano turmeric

Calm Down

Until the discovery of the effects of H. pylori (explain) on the lining of the stomach, people with ulcers were advised to seek counseling to reduce the stress in their lives. ____ While antibiotics and other prescribed medications are now the first line of treatment for ulcers, ______ suggests that psychological treatment and stress reduction should still be considered an important aspect of ulcer management. (Ref. 4)


bleeding, perforation self-diagnosis emergency

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