The Best Step Aerobics DVDs

Step isn't just an all-ages workout fit for men and women from all walks of life — it's a time-tested way to make your cardio more fun. This dynamic and accessible form of aerobics burns calories, increases coordination and gets that heart pumping, so why relegate your workouts to expensive gym classes?

Stepping focuses on the lower body and core as you feel the beat.
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Though exercise videos have largely stepped over to YouTube and streaming services, your DVD player still has plenty of kick left in it. The title of "best" step aerobics DVD ultimately boils down to your personal needs and preferences, but these recs from pro reviewers help make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

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Phillip Weeden: Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil Vol. 1

Cleveland-based trainer Phillip Weeden's fusion of step aerobics and hip-hop has a secret weapon: Beyoncé.

The workout originally went viral online, netting over 100 million views on YouTube and Facebook, prompting Shape to call the "amazing, intensely choreographed aerobic routines" of this "genius trainer" the "best dance cardio class ever." Weeden's "Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil Vol. 1" guarantees a 1,000-calorie burn to heart-pumping hits like Queen Bey's "Turn It Up" and "Hit the Quan" by iLoveMemphis.

Amy Bento Ross: Stepletic - Two Athletic Step Aerobic Workouts

Amy Bento Ross not only has a National Academy of Sports Medicine pedigree, she has a unique training style that combines the bouncy influence of classic aerobic instructors like Jackie Sorenson and Jane Fonda with the athleticism of high-impact sports like volleyball and basketball.

On her 2017 DVD, you'll find two workouts: A collection of four intermediate step combos with no spinning or complex patterns and a more advanced, 40-minute step routine sure to get you sweating. Bento's DVD even throws in a bonus, 10-minute yoga-inspired stretch session to help you cool down afterward.

You'll need your own aerobic stepper to go with these DVDs.
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Jenny Ford: Step Across America Volume 1

Recognized by Shape, Elle, Vogue, Women's Health and others as one the best fitness YouTubers out there, Jenny Ford's 2017 "Step Across America Volume 1" collects this seasoned trainer's best steps on a 131-minute DVD so that you can keep feeling the burn even when the Wi-Fi's out.

"Step Across America" caters to beginner and intermediate steppers with low- and mixed-impact routines focused on toning. Ford's guilt-free, shame-free teaching style is a perfect match for her charmingly quaint outdoor backdrops, which take steppers all across the U.S. of A.

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Gilad: Bodies in Motion Step Aerobics

You've gone contemporary with Phil Weeden and Amy Bento Ross — now it's time to go classic with fitness icon Gilad Janklowicz.

If your idea of good step aerobics involves lots of neon spandex and Hawaiian backdrops, look no further. Gilad has been televising his steps since since "Bodies in Motion" hit ESPN in 1985, focusing on toning bodies in half-hour chunks. His "Bodies in Motion Step Aerobics" DVD is still in print today, offering 60 minutes of Waikiki-set intermediate and advanced stepping routines, plus a bonus abdominal section. This workout aims to burn fat efficiently and increase cardio endurance by balancing a wide variety of moves without complex choreography.

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