Exercises to Avoid After a Nose Job

Make sure to avoid aerobic exercise for a week after a nose job/
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People decide to get a nose job, or rhinoplasty, to change the shape or appearance of their noses. The procedure often is done to restore balance to a face, get an unsightly bump removed or to repair obstructed airways, says Mayo Clinic.


The cosmetic procedure is considered major surgery and requires at least 10 days of rest and care not to upset the delicate work. You should expect to take the week after surgery off work or school says Harvard Health following a regimen of icing and nasal cleansing. There are a few types of exercise after rhinoplasty that must be avoided for various time periods.

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No Aerobics for a Week

Walking is allowed the day after surgery according to the University of Wisconsin Health. Many physicians encourage mild walking, as much as patients can tolerate, to prevent any blood clots from forming after a surgical procedure. Don't engage in brisk walking with pumping arms on uneven ground. Running, jogging after rhinoplasty and any other aerobic activity is prohibited for the first week.


Light aerobics should be added to the schedule slowly at first. In addition to safeguarding the stitches and allowing the bones to heal properly, breathing will be obstructed for at least two to three weeks because of the swelling in the nose, making intense exercise more difficult to sustain. You might also still be on medications that will affect the quality of your workout.

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Avoid Bending Over

Any exercises that require bending over should be avoided for the first week recommends the Medical University of South Carolina. That includes touching toes, crunches and lifting. For at least a week following the surgery, the patient should not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, including small children. That includes lifting weights after rhinoplasty.


The pressure from lifting and bending can cause the stitches to pop and slow the healing process. Sexual activities should be limited and not include any aerobic moves either. It may be better for patients to sleep alone for the first week following surgery to avoid any accidental bumps by flailing partners in the night.

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Stay Away From Sports

It takes about six weeks for the nasal bones to heal following rhinoplasty. After the first week, patients may resume moderate activities and should let their bodies direct the intensity and duration of the exercise. As a rule however, strenuous sports and exercising should be avoided for the duration of the healing process.

Any sport where contact is a possibility is not recommended for five to six months so as not to cause any problems with the weakened nose area. Swimming may be enjoyed after about six weeks. Patients should refrain from sports and activities in bright sunlight as any kind of sunburn can impede the healing process and cause additional swelling. Sunblock should be applied any time the patient is in the sun.



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