What Are the Benefits of a Sauna Belt?

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Sauna belts are a wide band of fabric that may be wrapped around any part of the body, though the stomach is the most common area of use. Unlike traditional exercise belts, sauna belts can self-heat at the push of a button. The purpose of the sauna belt is to encourage the body to sweat.


Burn, Baby, Burn

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Because they produce excessive perspiration, sauna belts are supposed to reduce water weight more effectively than fat tissue. Because the product does not provide any resistance or strain against the body, it is incapable of burning a significant amount of calories. So, while noticeable fat loss is not realistic, a person can effectively lose a few pounds through water loss.

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Wrapping up Pain

Heat application can effectively reduce pain as it warms the muscles, making them more flexible and relaxed which allows for better blood flow. Since sauna belts provide a constant supply of heat, some people wear them for hassle-free relief of back pain. Users will apply them for 15 to 20 minutes at a time for mild back pain, and up to two hours for intense pain.


Any Place, Almost Any Time

When used properly, a sauna belt can work up a sweat on its user even if she's not doing anything athletic. The self-heating belt can be worn even if the person is doing homework or cleaning the house. It isn't recommended for the party crowd as using one with alcohol can increase a person's risk of hypotension and cause irregular heart beats.

Something to Think About

In general, sauna belts are not accepted as a weight loss method by the fitness community or fitness professionals. The American College of Sports Medicine wrote that regular exercise alongside a healthy diet is the most appropriate and effective form of weight loss. While a person may shed a few pounds quickly with the belt, overusing one can also lead to decreased oxygen consumption and other health issues over time.




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