Gyro Ball Exercises

The gyro ball provides a good hand and arm workout.
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The gyro ball is a gyroscope-based workout tool, which helps the fingers, wrists, forearms, upper arms and even the shoulders gain strength. Small movement in the forearm and wrist make the ball spin faster inside the shell.


The gyro ball can develop up to 39 pounds of resistance force as the ball increases in speed. You can perform a variety of exercises using the gyro ball to target different muscles in the arm and hand.

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Gyro Wrist Ball for Grip

Use a gyro wrist ball for grip strengthening. Hold the ball with your fingers, with your palm lightly touching the back of the gyro ball. Make sure you have a strong grip on the ball, as it will be tough to hang on to once the ball starts revolving at a faster rate.

Rock your wrist back and forth to increase the speed of the gyro ball. You will notice it takes more effort to hold the ball steady in your hand as the revolutions of the ball increase.

Pass the ball to the opposite hand and try the same thing. Keep your grip strong, and work on getting a gentle rocking motion going with your wrist. Once you get a rhythm with the gyro ball, it will become easier to maintain your grip on the ball, and slowly increase the revolutions.


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Wrist and Forearm Workout

Use a gyro ball to strengthen and build endurance in your forearm muscles. Hold the spinning gyro ball in your hand, arm outstretched directly in front of you, with your palm facing down. Rock your wrist up and down to get a rhythm going, and to increase the revolutions of the gyro ball. You will notice your forearm and wrist getting tired as the gyro ball speeds up, providing more resistance to those muscles. This exercise will focus on your wrist extensor muscles.


Rotate your arm so your palm faces up and continue the same rocking, rhythmic motion. This will focus the workout more on your wrist flexors.

In order to fully work out the forearm and wrist, rotate your arm so your palm is facing your other hand, and your thumb is pointed upward. Continue the rhythmic motion, but change the direction so you are rocking the gyro ball back and forth going toward your thumb, then back toward your pinky finger.



You may also alternate the exercise by rotating your hand so your palm is again facing upward, but keep the motion going side to side.

Add the Biceps and Triceps

Work your biceps with spinning ball exercises by holding the ball in one hand and holding your arm out straight, away from your body. Bend your elbow to form a 90-degree angle, with your hand up in the air. Face your palm toward your head and gently rock your wrist back and forth toward and away from your head. This will cause a pulse in your bicep muscle, providing a gentle, yet effective, workout.


Hold the gyro ball in your hand with your palm facing down. Your arm should be stretched out in front of you, at about a 45-degree angle from your body. Rock your wrist up and down to target and activate the triceps.

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Build Finger Strength

Hold the gyro ball upside down using only your fingers. Keep your fingers straight and gently make a stirring motion with your hand. This will keep the gyro ball spinning and provide a resistance for your finger grip. This is a great toning exercise for your hand and finger muscles, and will help increase your finger strength.




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