Exercises for a Hyperextended Finger

Hyperextension is a common injury that refers to an over-stretching of the muscles and tendons in a joint. Hyperextended fingers can happen in almost any sport, and can result in a sprain, fracture or bone chip. Initial treatment for hyperextended fingers is a splint or buddy taping, which helps to immobilize the finger and allows it to heal.

Hands touching fingers
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Range of Motion

One of the most important aspects of rehabilitating a hyperextended finger is to regain range of motion. Since the finger joint only bends in one direction, you can slowly bend and extend your finger as far as possible. Hold it for a few seconds at both the fully bent and fully extended position. You will eventually feel your full range of motion return after a few weeks.

Grip Strengthening

You will also want to strengthen the grip in your injured finger, to get it back to where the rest of your fingers are at. You can either repeatedly make a fist and relax, or practice squeezing a stress ball or tennis ball. This will help to strengthen the muscles in your finger and stimulate the healing of your injured joint.

Fine Motor Skills

The final thing that will come in the rehabilitation of your hyperextended finger will be fine motor skills. Pick up small objects that you would use on a daily basis, such as a pencil, coin or fork. Once this becomes easier for you to do, you can progress to writing and tying your shoes.

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