How do I Lube a Horizon Treadmill?

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Horizon Fitness makes treadmills for home use. To keep your treadmill performing well, you need to replace the lubrication once it wears low. If you use your treadmill regularly, it is recommended that you lubricate it every six months, or each time you put 150 miles on it, whichever occurs first.


Step 1

Reach around the back of the treadmill and turn it off. Unplug the treadmill from its electrical source.

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Step 2

Use the T-shaped wrench that came with the treadmill to loosen both rear roller bolts by turning the wrench counter-clockwise. The roller bolts are located to the left and right of the back of the belt. Loosening the roller bolts allows you to lift the running belt.

Step 3

Lift one side of the running belt to expose the deck surface. Squeeze the silicone bottle to apply the lube in a zig zag pattern down the length of the deck surface. Repeat the application on the other side. Use half of the bottle on each side.

Step 4

Use the T-shaped wrench to tighten the rear roller bolts by turning the wrench clockwise.

Step 5

Plug the treadmill into a power source and turn it on. You should see a lube belt message flashing across the screen if your treadmill was manufactured after 2006. Press and hold the speed up and stop button simultaneously for five seconds to reset the lube belt message. You should hear two beeps that indicate the lube belt message has been reset.


Step 6

Press the start button. Allow the belt to run by itself at 3 mph for about three minutes to spread the silicone. Walk on the machine for three minutes to complete the silicone spreading process.

Step 7

Press the stop button after the silicone spreading process is done. Use a dry cloth to remove any excess silicone from the sides of the running belt.

Things You'll Need

  • Horizon 100 percent silicone

  • Allen wrench

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