Directions for a Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch

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Ironman is a brand name for health and activity monitoring watches produced by Timex Group USA. The Ironman name comes from the triathlon of the same name. The Ironman series includes models designed for fitness and aimed at athletes, especially those who compete in triathlons. These devices provide a variety of features geared toward training. Many Ironman models include GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring and lap counting. Each model has multiple buttons that circle an LCD display. Users must learn how the buttons control various functions. This article deals with the Timex Ironman Triathlon 30-Lap watch.

Step 1

Determine the functions of the buttons on the watch by reviewing the user's manual (the exact function for each button may vary by model). The Timex Ironman Triathlon 30-Lap watch, like most Ironman models, has four buttons surrounding the watch face and one below the display. With the watch facing you, on the left are settings buttons and on the right are function buttons. The "start/stop" action is controlled by the button just under the display.

Step 2

Set the time by pressing the bottom button on the left, which serves as "Mode" or "Next," until the display reads "Time" mode. Hold down the top button on the left to put the device into "Setup" mode. Use the button on the face of the watch to move the time forward and the bottom button on the right to move it backward. Cycle through all the options with the right bottom button and press the top button on the right to finish the process.

Step 3

Set the alarm, timer and lap count through the "Mode" button on the bottom left. Click the button until the correct mode appears, then use the button on the face to increase and the bottom button on the right to decrease. Pressing the top button on the left ends the process and accepts the setting.

Step 4

Start and stop all features with the face button. Use "Mode," the bottom button on the left, to highlight a feature to be activated and then press "Start."

Step 5

Press the top button on the right to get Indiglo, or night-glow, on the display. This allows you to see the numbers on the display when lighting is poor. Press the button once to turn on the night-glow and again to turn it off.


Some models are water-resistant and can be used for swimming.


It is a good idea to have the watch battery replaced at a qualified service center.

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