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6-Week Triathlon Sprint Training

Triathlon, an endurance sport, consists of three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Participants, or triathletes, compete...

Half-Triathlon Training for Beginners

Blending the three sports of swimming, biking and running into one competition forms what is referred to as a “triathlon....

The Best Triathlon Shorts

In an endurance event like a triathlon, it’s important to wear clothing that will be comfortable for the duration of the rac...

Free Ironman Triathlon Training Programs

You'll never have an easy 140.6-mile race, but proper training will get you to the finish line. An Ironman triathlon, consisti...

The Best Triathlon Wetsuits

A triathlon wetsuit provides an essential tool for triathletes looking to increase their efficiency in the water. These specialize...

What to Eat Before a First Sprint Triathlon

A sprint triathlon is a challenging athletic event in which you have to swim a distance of 750 meters, run a distance of 5 kilomet...

The Best Female Shorts for a Long Distance Triathlon

What you wear during a triathlon can make or break your comfort and, ultimately, your race. Shorts that ride up, cause chafing or ...

Stryker Knee Triathlon Problems

With more than 30 years of orthopedic history guiding its development, the Stryker Triathlon knee was released in 2005 as a single...

Training for the 2-Hour Olympic Triathlon

Completing an Olympic-distance triathlon in two hours is a feat rarely accomplished by the recreational athlete. Usually it's ...

Can You Use a Snorkel in a Triathlon?

Snorkels are not banned by many bodies that govern triathlons, but they are not specifically allowed by these agencies either. Fro...
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