The Best Running Shoes to Help Supination

A woman is tying up her running shoes.
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Likely a hereditary issue, supination occurs when the outside of your foot takes on your body weight, rather than your entire foot shouldering the load. This can cause ankle pain, shin splints and in more severe cases, bowed legs. For runners, there are certain shoes that can provide support to help prevent supination.

Running Shoes

Running shoes have three basic shapes: curved, semicurved and straight. This shape can be seen when you look at the sole of the shoe. To help manage supination, wear running shoes that are curved to help promote the balance of how weight distributes across your foot when you strike the ground. The shoes should also be cushioned and have flexibility. Some runners prefer lightweight training shoes because they allow the foot to move more freely with each strike.

Other Ways to Manage Supination

In addition to having the right shoes, runners who supinate can conduct exercises to strengthen problem areas. This includes their calves, quads, hamstrings and iliotibial band. Using a foam roller to massage these areas after a run can also help prevent injuries caused by supination.