Vision Fitness Treadmill Troubleshooting

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At a glance, a treadmill might seem like a relatively simple machine, featuring a rotating running belt on which you walk or run. But any machine with moving parts can have glitches. Additionally, the console's electronics may occasionally malfunction. Learning to troubleshoot minor problems on your own can save you time and money and prevent you from missing any workout sessions.

Troubleshoot the Console

Step 1

Massage they keys if some of them don't operate. With the treadmill unplugged, rub a soft cloth over the keys. If the keys still don't work after you plug the treadmill back in, make sure the upper board ribbon is connected properly. Unplug the treadmill, wait for one minute and then unscrew the console's faceplate. Find the cable that runs along the bottom of the upper board. The cable has white stripes but is otherwise clear. Make sure all its connections are secure.

Step 2

Try a variety of measures if the console won't light up. Make sure the power switch is on and the red power light is activated. See if the treadmill's plug is securely in the outlet. If you use a surge protector, make sure it's turned on. Unplug the machine and check whether the cord is bent or damaged -- if so, replace the cord. Make sure your home's circuit breaker hasn't tripped.

Step 3

Check the console key's connection if you see the message "safety key off" on the console. The treadmill won't operate unless the key is securely in the console.

Fix Hardware Problems

Step 1

Check the power cord and its connection if the running belt doesn't move or the treadmill doesn't elevate on command. You can also check the motor by unplugging the treadmill, waiting 60 seconds and then removing the motor cover. After the red LED lights on the motor control board are all off, reconnect any loose wires.

Step 2

Examine the treadmill's power connection if it doesn't run smoothly and continuously. If the machine is plugged into an extension cord or power strip, try plugging it directly into a wall socket. Check your home's electronics to see if the treadmill is on a dedicated circuit. The machine may stop and start or run at varying speeds if it shares power with other major electronics in your home.

Step 3

Read your Vision Fitness owner's manual for instruction on how to adjust the running belt. For the company's T9700 series and Premier models, for example, tighten the running belt by using the Allen wrench that's supplied with the treadmill. Insert the wrench into the tension bolts on the machine's bottom right and left ends. Give each bolt a quarter-turn clockwise and check the belt again. Repeat the process, if necessary, until the belt is tight.

Step 4

Center the T9700 series and Premier model running belts by running your machine at 2 mph and observing the belt. Rotate the right tension bolt clockwise one-quarter turn if the belt runs too far to the right. Do the same with the left bolt if the belt moves too far to the left.

Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench (included with treadmill)

  • Soft cloth


Keep your warranty information in case you run into a problem you can’t troubleshoot yourself. You may be entitled to a free repair.


Don’t touch any wires or examine the power cord for damage unless you’re certain the machine is unplugged from any power source.