Can You Gain Muscle in 2 Weeks?

If you maximize your growth potential, you can see a difference in muscle within 2 weeks.
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Two weeks is not a lot of time to add significant muscle to your frame naturally but a difference can be seen with a strict diet and some explosive exercises. Your body will realistically have only a few opportunities to train, rest and recover within two weeks so the type of food and how you consume it will be a very important factor in making a big difference within just two short weeks. Your protein intake will need to be reached daily and your exercise routines will need to be intense. You may not see much change in two weeks, but this workout will make your body the best it can be in two weeks.


Step 1

Use whey protein.
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Use whey protein. According to, you should look to eat one to two grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. To maximize the benefits of protein, use a whey protein supplement immediately following a workout. According the whey protein institute, whey protein is a fast absorbing protein that metabolizes quickly into your muscles providing them with branch chain amino acids that are used to repair and rebuild the damage muscle endure from heavy lifting.


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Step 2

Use Max-OT lifting principles.
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Use Max-OT lifting principles. Utilize low rep counts of four but no more than six. The weight should be heavy enough that you can lift four times but cannot not lift more than six. This amount of weight on every exercise will ensure that you sufficiently taxing the muscle group and forcing it to adapt to the stress placed on it from lifting something so heavy. Do only one or two body part per exercise session and six to nine working sets in total per body part.


Step 3

Rest between sets.
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Rest enough between sets. When training with such heavy weight, allow yourself longer rest periods of two to three minutes between each set to let your natural phospho creatine level get back to a level that will allow you to lift the heavy weight again. If you rush the workout you will be shortcoming your ability to lift the heavy weight again.


Step 4

Be sure to have rest days.
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Work each body part only twice in the two week period. For both weeks do legs on Monday, chest on Tuesday and take Wednesday off to rest and grow. On Thursday, do back and triceps and Friday do shoulders and biceps. Take Saturday and Sunday off to recover and grow.




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