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Sliced hard boiled eggs on a cutting board.

Nearly half the calories in a hard-boiled egg come from fat. As the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends getting 20 to 35 percent of your total calories from fat, you should consume whole eggs somewhat sparingly. Of the 5.3 grams of fat in a large egg, however, about 4.51 grams come from the yolk, leaving just over 1/2 gram in the egg white. Therefore, if you separate the yolk from the white you can remove the vast majority of the fat.

Healthy Fat in Eggs

Most of the fat in eggs is the unsaturated variety, which does not lead to cardiovascular disease like some saturated fats do. And despite the high fat content, eating eggs in moderation can support a healthy diet even in those with coronary heart disease. Research from Yale University presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in 2013, indicates that eating two eggs each morning for six weeks did not lead to higher blood pressure, cholesterol levels or weight gain in study participants with coronary heart disease.

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