List of Foods That Are High in Fiber, Iron and Calcium

Three essential nutrients for the body are fiber, iron and calcium. Fiber is an essential nutrient that aids in proper digestion and can help with weight management because it helps keep a person feeling full. Iron and calcium are both minerals needed in the body. Iron is used to transport oxygen in the blood throughout the body. Calcium is necessary for bone and tooth growth, muscle contractions, nerve impulse conduction, and hormone and enzyme secretion. It is best to get nutrients from food sources for the best nutrient absorption.


Foods High In Fiber

Fiber is found in many vegetables, fruits and grains. However, some pack more fiber than others. According to the USDA, the daily value for dietary fiber is 25 grams. In one cup of oat bran there is 14.5 grams of fiber, 58 percent of the daily value. Navy beans contain 19.1 grams of fiber in a one cup serving -- 76 percent of the DV. Kidney beans are another high fiber bean with 11 grams of fiber in one cup or 45 percent of the DV. Hubbard squash contains 10 grams of fiber and 40 percent of the daily value. Blackberries and raspberries are high fiber fruits. One cup of blackberries contains 7.6 grams and a cup of raspberries contains 8 grams of fiber with 30 and 32 percent of the daily value, respectively.


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Foods High In Iron

The most common source of iron is meat. Beef and lamb provide 17 percent, or 18 milligrams, of the daily value of iron. A 3-ounce serving of beef or lamb contains 3.1 milligrams of iron. Three ounces of liver contains 26 milligrams of iron at 146 percent of the DV. Mollusks, such as clams, oysters and mussels, have 24 milligrams of iron and 132 percent of the DV of iron. Pumpkin seeds are a good plant source of iron. One cup of pumpkin seeds has 34 milligrams, 188 percent of the DV. One cup of cooked white beans has 6.6 milligrams and 37 percent of the DV of iron. Chocolate lovers can get 112 percent of their daily value of iron from dark chocolate. Eating 4 squares of a dark chocolate candy bar contains 20 milligrams of iron.


Foods High In Calcium

The DV of calcium is 1000 milligrams. Milk does a body good because 1 cup of low-fat milk contains 306 milligrams of calcium. One cup of low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt have 31 percent of the daily value. Mozzarella cheese contains 269 milligrams of calcium, 27 percent of the DV in 1 ounce. Fortified tofu has 434 milligrams of calcium in one-half cup at 43 percent of the DV. Sardines are a hefty source of calcium because the entire fish is eaten, including the bones. One can of sardines contains 41 percent of the daily value of calcium or 401 milligrams.



Some foods are high in fiber, calcium or iron and also contain large amounts of other nutrients, making them superfoods. Pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and kidney beans make the list. Other superfoods high in fiber, iron or calcium include almonds, kale, blueberries, broccoli and avocado.




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