Calories in Smirnoff Wine Coolers

The Smirnoff version of a wine cooler is its Ice product line. These are ready-to-drink malt beverages, often called malternatives because they are similar to beer, that come in a variety of flavors.

A glass of wine spritz.
Credit: FCerez/iStock/Getty Images


The Ice product line is made from malt. This is a barley that has sprouted some. Natural and artificial flavors are added to the malt to form the wine cooler.


There are two basic Ice beverages, original Ice and Black Ice, which Smirnoff describes as "more crisp" than the original. Seven flavored Ice products are also available, including Green Apple, Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Acai, Raspberry Burst, Wilde Grape and Pineapple.


There are 228 calories in a 12-oz. bottle of Smirnoff Ice. The flavorings do not add any calories, so they have the same calorie count.

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