What Foods to Eat for a Diabetic With Diarrhea

Bananas are safe for diabetics with diarrhea.
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The typical diarrhea diet flies in the face of most dietary recommendations for diabetics. While most diabetic diets are rich in fibrous fruits, vegetables and beans, foods that help to ease diarrhea symptoms tend to be the exact opposite. However, that doesn't mean that you must suffer through diarrhea just to stick to your diabetic meal plan. There are a number of diabetic friendly foods that also help you bounce back faster from diarrhea. If you have diarrhea that lasts longer than five days or is combined with a fever, the University of Maryland Medical Center advises that you contact your doctor.

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After suffering from a bout of diarrhea, your number one priority is rehydration. You've lost significant amounts of fluid and the best way to get it back is through water, Health Castle reports. Electrolyte containing beverages such as Pedialyte and Gatorade may help in your hydration efforts. However, they tend to be high in simple sugars and should be avoided or limited if you have diabetes. That's why pure water -- which is calorie and sugar free -- is your best bet. Health Castle recommends that you drink at least eight glasses of fluid per day to replenish fluid lost during your diarrhea spell. In addition to water, you can also rehydrate with diabetic friendly beverages such as caffeine-free tea or diet soda.


Boiled Vegetables

Vegetables and other fiber-rich legumes should be avoided while suffering from diarrhea, Health Castle reports. Fibrous foods can worsen diarrhea. However, this doesn't mean that you need to get your carbohydrates from starchy veggies such as white bread and crackers. By boiling your vegetables extensively so that they're soft, you can still eat the vegetables included on your diet without making your diarrhea worse. You may also want to consider removing the skin or seeds from vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants before eating them.


Bananas are the "B" in the commonly used B.R.A.T. diet for diarrhea. While the B.R.A.T diet remains unproved, the University of Maryland Medical Center, or UMMC, reports that bananas may improve diarrhea symptoms. Also, bananas in moderation are part of a healthy diabetic diet. However, limit your banana intake to one or two serving per day as they are high in the fruit sugar fructose. Mayo Clinic warns that excessive fructose intake can induce diarrhea in people who are fructose intolerant.