How Many Calories Are Burned in a 10-Minute Jog?

Making aerobic exercise a priority in your daily routine can help you manage your weight and lower your chances of developing chronic diseases. If you walk regularly as part of your fitness program, consider increasing the intensity -- and calorie burn -- through jogging.

Regular jogging can increase your bone density.
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Calories Burned

A person weighing 160 pounds can expect to burn 584 calories per hour by jogging at a speed of 5 mph. If you jog for 10 minutes, you would burn about 97 calories.


Compared with walking, jogging can more than triple your calorie burn. While a 10-minute jog burns almost 100 calories, a 160-pound person walking at 2 mph burns about 30 calories in 10 minutes.


In addition to the health benefits associated with aerobic exercise, jogging can help you develop stronger bones. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that joggers had a higher bone density than did people who weren't active.

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