Calories in Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka

Smirnoff vodka was chosen above 20 other competing brands.
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Smirnoff vodka is a staple in bars across the country. In a blind taste held by "The New York Times" in January 2005, 21 vodkas from around the world were sampled and Smirnoff was chosen as the best.


Smirnoff produces two raspberry flavored vodkas. The first is the hard vodka, Twist of Raspberry, which is used in mixed drinks or as a shot. The second is the Smirnoff Ice, Raspberry Burst which is its ready-to-drink malt beverage.

Smirnoff, Twist of Raspberry

Twist of Raspberry is measured by the shot, or 1.5 fluid oz. One shot has 93 calories as well as 2 g of carbohydrates and it contains 35 percent alcohol.

Smirnoff Ice, Raspberry Burst

Raspberry Burst comes ready-to-drink from the bottle and contains 249 calories and 40.4 g of carbohydrates per 12 oz. bottle. The alcohol content is 5 percent.

Fun Fact

Smirnoff briefly introduced the "Twisted" line of Smirnoff Ice drinks that were ready-to-drink. However, there was confusion between the Smirnoff Twist hard vodka and the Twisted malt beverages, causing Smirnoff to discontinue the Smirnoff Ice Twisted line.

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