How Many Calories Are in Chicken Tortilla Soup?

Chicken tortilla soup can be a full meal on its own.
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If you are a fan of soup, chicken tortilla soup is a good choice as a full meal on its own. It contains sufficient amounts of produce, as well as protein sources. It also has a wide range of flavors.

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According to LIVESTRONG's food database MyPlate a one-cup serving of tortilla soups has anywhere from 100 to 190 calories. Of these calories, nine to 18 come from fat.


Carbohydrates and Fat

The carbohydrate content in one cup of chicken tortilla soup may range from 16 to 23 grams, while the fat content is only one to two grams. This makes it a great dish for those watching fat intake.

Keep in mind that homemade or restaurant made varieties of this soup may vary greatly from these numbers depending on the ingredients used. Oftentimes, tortilla strips are used as a garnish in restaurants serving chicken tortilla soup, which will up the carbohydrate and fat content beyond the numbers here.



One cup of chicken tortilla soup includes six to nine grams of protein, depending on how much chicken is used in the dish. Some recipes also include beans, a legume with a hearty protein profile as well.

The more of these ingredients the soup includes, the higher the protein count. explains that the average man should include at least 56 grams of protein in his daily diet; the average woman should have at least 46 grams of protein in hers.


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