Calories in Taco Soup

Beef and red kidney beans are high-protein foods that are ingredients in taco soup. One cup of taco soup contains a significant amount of calories. Forty-five of those calories are from fat.

One cup of taco soup contains 260 calories.
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A 1-cup serving of taco soup made with 1 lb. of ground beef, 29 oz. of canned chopped tomatoes, 31 oz. of canned corn, 31 oz. of canned red kidney beans, chili powder, cumin powder, garlic powder and water contains 260 calories. Raw ground beef contains 192 calories per 100 g. A cup of canned red kidney beans contains 215 calories.


Taco soup contains more calories from vegetables than calories from beef. This soup contains about 4 cups of red kidney beans at 215 calories a cup, and it contains about 4 cups of corn that contains about 133 calories per cup. A cup of canned tomatoes contain 41 calories. There are almost 4 cups of canned tomatoes in taco soup.


To avoid consuming excess calories from taco soup, make taco soup with 95 percent lean ground beef. One-hundred grams of 95 percent lean raw ground beef contains 55 less calories than 100 g of regular raw ground beef. To eliminate additional calories, use less corn.

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