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Wine, both white and red, has been consumed for centuries and by many different cultures. The grape's skin determines the wine's color, according to Calorie and sugar content is different across many kinds of wine.

Red Wine

A 5.4-oz. glass of red wine that's 12 percent alcohol contains about 109 calories and does not have any sugar, according to CalorieKing. It also does not have any carbohydrate, protein or fat calories.

White Wine

A dry white wine in the same-size glass is about 112 calories but does contain sugar, about .8 g. A sweet white wine contains more than 150 calories and much more sugar, about 16 g.


Champagne is close to red wine in calorie content, at 113 calories. Its sugar content is more than 2.5 g, and more than 90 percent of its calories come from alcohol.

Fun Facts

There are more than 500 wine references in the Bible. Toasts with wine originated in Ancient Rome. President Thomas Jefferson spent more than $2,500 on wine in 1801, about 12 percent of his yearly pay, according to

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