How Many Calories are in a Yukon Gold Potato?

The average Yukon Gold potato, weighing 148 g or 5.2 oz., has 100 calories. However, individual Yukon Gold potatoes vary in calories and nutrition based on size and preparation methods.


If a 5.2-oz. potato has 100 calories, then each ounce of Yukon Gold potato has about 19.2 calories. Using a food scale can help you calculate a more precise caloric value for your particular potato.


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The average Yukon Gold has 4 g protein, 3 g fiber and no fat. While potatoes have a high glycemic index that can cause spikes and drops in blood sugar, they also have potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Eating the skin with the potato increases the nutrition you get from it.


Adding 1 tbsp. butter to your potato also adds 100 calories, all from fat. Adding seasonings or toppings low in salt and fat and containing protein or vitamins, such as baked beans, salsa, a light sprinkling of grated cheese or chives, improves the nutritional composition of your meal.




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