Foods Not to Eat With Cirrhosis

Stay away from salty snack foods.
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People with liver disease sometimes develop cirrhosis, which is scarring of the liver. In the United States, cirrhosis is most commonly caused by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, but it can also be due to certain medications or illnesses, such as hepatitis B or C or cystic fibrosis. Avoiding certain foods may help limit the progression of cirrhosis, but there is no cure.


Foods to Limit or Avoid

Avoid all alcohol, since alcohol makes the liver work harder and can cause more damage. Limit salty foods to make a water retention and a type of swelling called edema less likely. Check food labels and avoid any foods with 300 milligrams or more of salt. These foods include many processed foods, canned soups, cheeses and condiments. People with cirrhosis also have difficulties combating foodborne illnesses and should thus avoid raw or undercooked meat, seafood or eggs; raw sprouts; and juices or dairy products that aren't pasteurized. Some people with cirrhosis may also need to limit protein, according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse.

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